Won the Suncoast Series Triathlon Title

Great way to kick off 2012 with a win in my first race and first standard distance finish (ever), triathlon this year. I couldn’t be happier as race conditions were insanely hot and a bit windy too. I’m not really the one who enjoys the heat but I would much rather prefer a rainy day, just saying ;)……

We started late as usual at about 8.20am and had a very tiring swim in the big surf. I came out in 17minutes and something and headed out on the 40km non-drafting cycle with a kakamarag bike! Only thing that helped me gain more time on my chasers with their “time machine” TT bikes was my Profile Design wheels. Think I put an extra minute or two on the chasers and came into T2 with a 1 hour 3 bike split.  Off I went for the 10km run, maybe started too hard because I’m so use to sprinting out of T2 for the 5km run in the BSG series. Luckily my dad saw and shouted I should slow down more before I do any more damage. I got into a good rhythm between 2 – 5km then things started going down hill. The water being handed out at the water stations weren’t enough and because I sweat more than normal those fluids are vital for me, and could feel my body shutting down as I started with cold shivers, then dizziness and then total numbness and loss of strength in my upper body.  The heat was that bad, for me it was. BUT I kept it going and made sure I finished and won my first Suncoast Series Triathlon! My run was just over 40minutes… can be much better but this race is very soon as I am only about 4 weeks into the season and raced after a very intense week of training. Purely for training and to see where I’m at for now :).

When I woke up this morning it felt like I was hit by a bus or something…?? But I would be worried if I wasn’t sore and stiff because then I know I could’ve gone harder! 😉

I hope everyone had a great festive season and look forward to a new year.



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