Small Update Leading into the Games

To explain the last few months is very difficult. It’s been a very tough journey traveling away from home for so long for the first time and also dealing with injuries for pretty much the whole first half of the year.

There have been so many downs and certain points of breakdowns I rarely find the ups. There are definitely a couple of things I miss from the benefit of training at home that can give me that edge. Next year I will definitely have a better plan in place!

I’ve had one good race this season so far and another decent one but I have been struggling to find the form I had last year. I am however happy to report that the last few weeks of training has progressively gotten much better and I hope it will be enough for the Commonwealth Games next week Thursday.

I really look forward to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as it will be my first major games. I hope that my preparation goes well leading into the race and that my recent training shows in the result.

In times when it’s tough I’d really like to thank my sponsors for their ongoing support; FINIS, HUUB and Cytomax. Also my family and girlfriend for their support and lifting my spirits when they are rock bottom.

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