This past weekend was the 6th round of the BSG Energade Triathlon Series in Worcester, Cape Town. I didn’t travel alone, my beautiful girlfriend came along with for the support and little extra stay after the race.

The weather on the day was just what I like, cool, overcast, and rainy. The wind was just there to make it interesting… and Indeed it was! I had an easy start to the swim with everyone sprinting next to me and found myself in 3rd going around first bouy. I slowly made my way up to Jeff Norton leading the swim and decided to pick up the pace where I found the two of us way ahead of everyone else! So the last 100m I swam backstroke and cruised into T1 winning 6 swims out of 6 for the series.

On the bike I kinda waited for the pack that usually meets up with me but it was only a group of 3… JEAH break away!! Myself, Claude, Louw and Jeff started working together but with the strong crosswinds Jeff fell off and was just three of us left. Feeling strong we all worked well going into T2 with about 45 second lead over the chase group. I somehow lost my bike running into T2 over sand and had to run back and pick it up along with my shoe and juice bottle loosing about 15 seconds on Claude and Louw. Richard passed me just before the 2.5km turn around and I found some rhythm coming back to the finish. Came in 4th position and leaving me in 4th position overall for the series and with one race left to go! Very happy with the way my racing has picked up.

With the race done and dusted and only leaving the next day at lunch, left my girlfriend and I with some time together and enjoy the coolness of Cape Town! Travelling becomes so much more fun when u with people you really enjoy being with! The long road trips just become exciting and everything just becomes so enjoyable.

Next race will be the African Cup in Pretoria this weekend and look forward to racing an Olympic distance race. Will take it as it gets thrown at me!
Cheers for now!


Henri Schoeman BSG Triathlon Series