Well it has already been 4 weeks since my accident and I don’t think I would regret having it, to be honest. Funny enough I crashed 2 weeks just before a quality training block ended and my body was due for a bit of a rest. That’s not all of it, the 4 weeks so far have given me a golden opportunity to focus and really work my legs. I can already feel a difference even though they’re tired! I have been doing things such as cycle on the trainer which proves to be insanely boring but I manage by cycling on the outside deck with a jaw dropping view and a TV to keep me occupied. Also I would spend quality time running up and down in the pool and some leg work at the gym. Now between 3-4 weeks I can begin running again and it is just so addictive! Because the bone hasn’t fully moulded it self around the plate and 11 screws holding my shattered collarbone in place I still have to be a little careful and take it slow.

Otherwise I am due to see the doctor again in 2 weeks for new X-rays to check if things have gone smoothly and give me the thumbs up to begin swimming again.

Till then cheers for now and a little phrase from my all time hero and cycling legend, Lance Armstrong, “never forget your beginners’ spirit”.


Henri Schoeman Accident, General update