The new triathlon season will be underway this weekend with the first of seven races in the BSG Energade Series starting in Roodeplaat, Pretoria through out the country and ending at Blouburg Beach, Cape Town. Unfortunately I can not race due to my injury as I am still undergoing treatment and rehab, and will see how things are progressing.

The season brings more team members into the team as well as some new sponsors.  Tonight will be the official launch of our 2010/2011 team, announcing those newest members and sponsors, and giving the athletes a bit of a party. For more information on the “energy party” click to enlarge the image bellow!  There will be free energy drinks and everyone is welcome.

Last week I got back into training again, strictly only swimming! It has been a tough week and a half mentally and physically as the training is breaking my body down and have to pick myself up for the next training session. Started unfit, lost the feel of the water BUT felt strong. Its like I am a totally different person. The two week break did only good for me. I have given my mind and body the rest it needed after a hard season. I managed to get through last week with a mileage total of 60km and this week I am heading for a 70km week. Monday was a surprise! Our coach threw in a 3km time trial to see where our fitness levels where at and to get some base times to work off.  WELL… it was obviously very painful but I expected that, I managed to go through 1500m in 17.20 and come back in 17.15 which gave me a time of 34min 35sec.  Its good that I came back faster but the time just isn’t me.  But after a good long break its very good.  I have given my legs totally off for 4 weeks to give my shin bones a proper chance to heal. This week I begun aqua jogging in the pool. I like it but its hard and boring. Will take determination to get through an hour of it! This works the same muscles as you would use in running WITHOUT the impact when you run on the road. This is crucial and very good if you have shin splints or stress fractures.  I have also see my biokineticist and has worked out a 4 week program filled with all sorts of crucial exercises which will make me get into the swing of running a lot easier.
I am very excited to see what the new season will bring!

I hope everyone all the best with your training and always remember, “never forget your beginner’s spirit”. Lance Armstrong

Keep it strong!

Henri Schoeman General update