I would say the start of my first sporting activity started at a young age of just 7 years of age. It was after a year of getting some water skills (my parents thought I would need because of living on the coast) that the swimming instructor advised I go to a professional coach, as I was really enjoying swimming and showing talent at a young age. This was when I met Alisdair Hatfield, my first and only coach I’ve had since then.

I had always been involved with many sports in Primary School, four including cross-country running, swimming, triathlon and duathlon. I had always been interested in duathlon and triathlon, probably because my dad went to multiple World Champs for the duathlon. When I became older I began specializing more on swimming.

I furthered my swimming progress to becoming one of the best distance swimmers in the country in my age group, and a multiple finalist at our Senior National Swimming Championships already at the age of 16. It was after that Senior Nationals where I had a turn around point. I stopped improving like I used to and became a little more interested in triathlon. In 2008 I went and competed in the SA Champs and was placed 2nd in the u17 catagory. I still loved my swimming and trained full time for it but that 2nd place at a National champs was always in the back of my mind. I went on to SA Champs in 2009 a little more serious and won the u19 catagory. It was after this race I decided I wanted to be a triathlete. I then went on to 2010 to defend my u19 title. Then It became clear that this is what I really wanted to do.

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