Midmar Mile Racing

The weekend before last I competed in the annual Midmar Mile, the biggest open water swimming event. It was good preparation and training for a mass Triathlon swim start and swim amongst a lot of people around you.

The Saturday I had an early 4am wake up to complete my bike interval session before heading out to Midmar for the team event at 11am. I raced for Varsity College A team and we came 2nd. I had the 6th fastest time in the event with two world class Italians up there in the mix.

On the Sunday I woke up and went for a training run before heading out again for the main race of the Midmar Mile with many top class international athletes competing. I never expected much out of the racing but I finished 5th just behind my brother and 4th South African. This shows my fitness is looking very good at this stage and swimming is improving without even putting focus on it.

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