Midlands Ultra Sprint Event

After a hard week of training I wanted to use the Midlands Ultra Sprint event as a quality training session. My family, my girlfriend and I arrived at Midmar early Sunday morning with decent weather, not so hot and quite windy.

We were under way and immediately I had a gap over the rest of the field. After not listening to race briefing I headed for the wrong 2nd buoy and found myself about 50m+ behind the leaders. I changed that in 300m by coming out of the water first with 15seconds to spare.

I went out on the bike and got into a good rhythm, not pushing too hard because I felt very heavy and didn’t want to blow in later in the stages. Coming back on the 22km loop I picked it up and extended my lead.

I then headed off for a hilly 5km run that turned into a 7km run because of bad communication between the marshals on the road and the race organisers. Ironically last year, in the same race the exact same thing happened to me there. After doing just enough to win I picked up the pace coming back because I was lying 6th. I managed to settle for a 3rd spot. I know it would’ve been an easy victory but sometimes you have to settle with those bad days in your pocket…

After I injured both my iliopsoas muscles which was making running a very painful and frustrating discipline, I wasn’t too upset about it because after all, it was just a training session and a tester for SA Champs in 2 weeks. I hope it’s not going to affect me fitness-wise, but I’m not looking too bad at the moment. Only on Thursday at its worst we found the problem and I am having treatment done on it and some rehab and hopefully come SA Champs I will be all in the clear.

Until then cheers for now!

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