This past weekend was KZN Champs down in Richards Bay. Driving up the day before helped a lot as it was an early 7 am start. I think it was good to get it over with early because on Sunday it got scorchingly hot during the day! I was really excited to race because SA Champ, Claude Eksteen was racing and I felt up to a challenge. We were off in slightly windy conditions and I immediately broke away from everyone. I exited about 1minute ahead of Jeff Norton and Claude and head out onto an 8 lap bike course and immediately hitting a very steep hill that we had to cover 8 times! I thought it was nice to have a change from just flat racing. I came off the bike and headed onto the flat 4 lap run course, 1 minute up on Claude. With the pace I was running I thought I would have this race in the bag, but I was wrong as Claude was flying and caught me at 5km. I tried to stick with him but I begun developing a cramp on my inner quads and really felt like it was going to pull so I didn’t push myself to where I could have 🙁 but very happy with my result at the end of the day. Congrats goes to Claude Eksteen and everyone who competed and thanks to KZN Triathlon for a well organised event on a really cool course! It was probably one of my most enjoyable races.

Every race has its challenges and for me it was the shark infested waters, Richards Bay is known for many sittings of sharks, as I kept worrying about it before and during the race and didn’t even have a proper warm up in the water, haha! Next was the very steep hill we climbed 8 times in a non drafting cycle leg. And the last was on the pier that we ran on there was about 250m of beach sand in total for EACH lap and was kinda hard and irritating to run over. I have only competed in two Olympic distance races now and I’m definitely moving in the right direction with my performance.

Next race will the ITU Sprint Champs in Blouberg on the 19th Feb. Will be looking forward to that as there are 40+ international athletes competing!

Till then cheers for now

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