First WTS in San Diego

I cannot be more thankful for the opportunity of racing at the highest level in triathlon and especially with a very high quality field. A big thank you to my parents as well as John Mix, the president of FINIS, for their support along side the road. John flew out from Livermore to watch an exciting event and give his support.

I enjoyed every moment of the race. Even although I had a bad result because of a simple mistake I made leading into the event by not taking in enough water during the final few days, I am very confident with the way I swam and biked with the strongest of swimmers and bikers, I am ready for this racing and cannot wait for my next one!

I had a great start, timing my jump into the water with perfection giving me clear water to surge ahead of the others around me. I was in about 5th or 6th at the first bouy and with an inside line I managed to cut my way through to 3rd and sit on Alistair Brownlees’s feet. The first lap was taken out very fast with Tommy from USA. The second lap we slowed down a lot and I was able to get into a very comfortable stroke and slip the leaders for a change, which is so easy!

A group of 6 or 7 of us exited the water together and soon formed a group of 9 and stayed cleared of a big chase pack for 6 of 8 laps. It was really difficult with some big names putting in hard work in the front to close the gap.

I felt really great and in control until about lap 6 where I felt something wasn’t right. I immediately lost strength in my body. Also cramping in my arms, fingers, chest, back, hamstrings, calves and feet. A clear sign of dehydration. I was feeling very thirsty on the bike and all my water and juice didn’t help that…

I hit the run and had absaloutelty nothing to give. I was sprinting but was just barely keeping up. I gritted my teeth and made sure I finished to the best of my ability. I was nearly blacking out on my last lap of the run and landed up in medical care post race with dehydration.

It’s an expensive lesson and shall definitely learn from it. I have also gained so much experience that not a lot people get to. I swam and biked with the best in the world in front of many top triathletes and felt in control. To me that’s a huge confident boost!

Well done to RSA team mate Richard Murray for pulling off a great run and finishing in 2nd!

Another big thank to all my support back home cheering me on at 2am!


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