First race this year for the BSG Triathlon was up in Buffelspoort. I am currently in hard training, prepping for World Champs on the 20th this month in Auckland, I had no rest and raced on a tired body for training. I finished in 2nd and I am very happy with the end result!

I flew up on Saturday afternoon and settled in with a good dinner and sleep before the 8.15am start on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling sharp but I was ready to push my body very hard. I started the swim slower than what I should but was still in the lead, just! I opened about a 10 second gap exiting the water and time trailed the first 3-4km to see if the chase group will catch me. They eventually closed in until Wian and Erhard broke away to me and we decided to break away. We all worked well on the tough course and opened a lead over Wikus and Rudolf chasing together coming into T2. Wian exited out of T2 first about 10-20m in front of me with Erhard just behind me. With no leg speed yet I couldn’t go fast enough to catch Wian and run with him. I kept running as hard as I could and finished on the podium for the first time. Well done to Wian and Erhard for a good hard race and all the athletes that competed yesterday.

I am racing in a new team and new colours this season. Look out for the colours of black and yellow for Team FINIS!

Thank you to my support team – FINIS, Cytomax and Futurelife. My family and girlfriend for their support as well as to the organization of the Event by BSG. I am happy to say that I can soon add Blueseventy to my support team. Thanks Chris for the amazing pictures!

I will be racing this weekend at Midmar Dam in a sprint race and then I will be off to Auckland on the Thursday.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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