I had a longer travel than normal and arrived in Cape Town after a 7 hour travel from Durban because we flew via PE. Let me tell you when I got to Cape Town it is literally freezing compared to the humidity in durbs! I could easily live and train there. I went for a very short swim to Loosen up after a long travel like that. My preparation for this race didn’t go as planned because of some problems in my outer quads and hamstrings from intense running so wasn’t as sharp on race day as I would have liked.

Saturday was just pre race warm ups with about a 45min swim, 25min run and a bike ride to see if the bike is all fine, and it wasn’t… gears were making noises and I don’t like noises!! Anyway…. then it was race briefing to see how the course goes and a reminder of all the ITU rules in place. Well everything was very simple until the run course. The last 3km is like running a X-country race.

Early 4.30am wake up on Sunday for an early 7am start. It was dark when we got there but fortunately it was okay when we started. The water was 13.5 degrees Celsius and I don’t think my wetsuit helped at all. I never warmed up and my head wanted to shut down from the pain. My mouth actually got stuck in a fixed position because it was too cold to move..!

I exited first, again, comfortably and waited for the main bunch to catch up. Everything was going well until I changed gears over a bump and my chain on my rear derailer jumped off. I was now probably cycling twice as hard and actually struggling to keep in bunch. I really just wanted to get to T2 to see how my running is going! About 1km from T2 my chain jumps off and I struggle to get it back on. After the bunch is about 50m ahead I get it on and sprint back and only caught them going into T2. I was basically walking through transition because of the traffic of everyone in front and by the time I hit the run I was trailing the leaders by 40seconds. I never gave up because I could still earn valuable ITU points in which I did by finishing strongly in 17th and coming 4th in SA Sprint Champs. I had a top 10 fastest run on the day with a 16:11 which means my running is improving and on track.

Cycled like this for 15km! Crazy

Good experience learned and hopefully I can still use my old 2nd hand bike again! Congrats goes to winners Rich Murray and Carlyn Fischer. Two South Africans winning the top podium. Thanks to 11 Global for a well organised and fantastic event in Blouberg.

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