10km road race, Ballito

This past weekend I ran a 10km road race in the 2012 Medihelp Dolphin Coast Striders Ultra event. It was a last minute decision to race, and it would be a good race to see where my running is at the moment with out any rest.

With only getting 3 hours of sleep because of a party the night before I woke up at 4am feeling very tired. On our way there I was sipping on Cytomax and soon began to wake up and feel more alive. Slowly warming up and getting light on my feet I was ready for a big start at 6am. There was some very good competition from some of the top African runners and I had no idea how this race would unfold.

At the start I was in front and slowed down to just hook onto somebody who had a better pace than some who sprinted out in the beginning. After 1km I was lying about 10th and keeping a good pace. Soon after 2km I was already passing runners one by one and at 5km I was in 5th. I had passed another 2 on the way back having to put in a surge when one runner was hanging on to me. I was now in 3rd and really trying to catch the first and second runner about 20-30seconds in front of me, but it wasn’t enough and came into the finish like that with a time of 32.30 for myself on a difficult course.

I was really proud with myself as it was my first running race I competed in and being the only white runner amongst the gifted Africans in the top positions because it’s very rare that you find that, especially on the podium.

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